The 5 Telltale Signs Your Child Needs Glasses

Jan 14, 2022 | Children's Eye Care

As a parent, you have a lot to worry about. You want to make sure your kids are happy and healthy, but that is easier said than done. While you may be able to tell when your child is feeling sick, it may be harder to know if your child has eye problems. What if your child needs glasses and you don’t even know it?

Does My Child Really Needs Glasses?

It can be hard to tell if a toddler needs glasses or if a baby is having trouble seeing, but poor eyesight or eye problems could hinder your child’s development. The sooner you are able to tell if your child needs glasses or other care for their eyes, the better off your child will be.

Some common signs your child needs glasses may include:

1.      Squinting, Covering One Eye, Tilting their Head

If your child cannot see, they may squint, cover one eye, or tilt their head in an attempt to manipulate their vision and see something better. This behavior may be the only way how to tell if a baby needs glasses and can be related to a number of vision problems including abnormal eye alignment or refractive errors.

2.      Getting Too Close

If your child is sitting too close to the TV, holding a book right up in their face, or leaning in to see something, it may be a sign of nearsightedness. A new pair of eyeglasses can often fix this problem.

3.      Frequent Headaches

While they can occur for several different reasons, frequent headaches may be a sign your child needs glasses. If your child is struggling to see clearly, their eyes need to work extra hard to bring objects into focus. This constant strain on the eyes can lead to eye fatigue and frequent headaches.

4.      Constant Eye Rubbing

Eye rubbing can be another sign your child needs glasses. Just like with headaches, frequent eye rubbing can be associated with eye strain and fatigue.

5.      Problems in School

Some children with vision problems will also do poorly in school. It is not because they are not as smart as their peers but rather, because they cannot see. If your child cannot clearly read their books or struggles to see what is written on the board at the front of the classroom, they may simply give up and their grades will start to slip.   

What to Do if Your Child Needs Glasses

If you suspect your child needs glasses or is having trouble with their eyes, do not wait to take them for a children’s eye exam. In some cases, eye problems caught in childhood can be progressive, but early diagnosis could help your child avoid more serious harm later in life. Even if your child is not showing signs of eye problems, it is still important to get their eye checked regularly as early signs of eye diseases can go undetected.

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