Contact Lens Exam

Instead of always having to wear glasses, many people prefer to just wear contacts, but contacts lenses come in many different sizes, curvatures, and types. Finding a pair of contacts that fit your eyes can be a challenge as well as overwhelming. At Greene and Greene Optometry, we offer contact eye exams in Watertown, Massachusetts to help you find the pair that works best for your needs and that fits comfortably on your eyes. If you wear contacts or are interested in trying them, please let our office know when you first make an appointment.


Our Contact Lens Eye Exams in Watertown

Unlike a routine eye exam that looks at your vision and overall eye health, an eye exam for contacts is specifically designed to help you find the right contact lenses for you. It is typically its own appointment and may include a series of unique tests beyond those in a routine exam.

A contact lens examination involves several contact lens tests to determine the shape, type, and prescription you need for your contacts. During these tests, we will:

  • Assess your vision to determine the right correction needed for your prescription
  • Measure your pupils to decide the best curvature and size of your lenses
  • Measure your cornea to determine which contacts will fit well
  • Determine if you need special lenses like for some people with astigmatism
  • Check if you need other care such as dry eye treatment

Together these simple tests can help not only determine what contact lenses you need but also examine your overall eye health. Once these contact tests are complete, we will have a better idea of the modality and type of contacts lenses you need. From here, we may have you try on several pairs to find the one that feels the most comfortable. After you find the brand that works for you, our optometrists will write you a prescription.

After Your Contact Lens Exam Appointment

Everyone’s eyes are unique. Finding a pair of contact lenses that fit well may take some time. The brand you thought was comfortable at your initial contact lens exam may start to bother you later on after you leave. For this reason, we often recommend that you schedule a follow-up contact exam. At this second appointment, we will work with you to ensure that the contacts you have are comfortable or help you find a new pair that better fits your eyes if needed.

If you would like to start wearing contacts or believe you need a new contact lens prescription, do not hesitate to contact our Watertown office today and make a contact lens appointment. We will work with you to find the best contacts for your eyes.