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Greene & Greene Optometry 

Greene & Greene Optometry will provide you with outstanding quality care. We have been serving our community for many years and strive to exceed our patients’ expectations. 

Primary Services

Comprehensive Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye exam is a foundational part of your preventive eye health care.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a condition where the person doesn’t produce enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eyes.

Contact Lens Exam

If you wear contact lenses or plan to wear contact lenses, then you will need a contact lens exam.

Emergency eye care

If you or a family member is experiencing an eye emergency, please contact us immediately.

Pediatric eye exam

Children should have their first comprehensive eye exam at six months, then again at three years old and before they enter kindergarten.


Have you been considering LASIK vision correction surgery to eliminate the need for contact lenses or eyeglasses?

An Eye at a Time

An Eye at a Time sets up free eye care clinics and brings in volunteer eye care professionals, examination equipment, and glasses to provide eye care for the many people without access to this basic healthcare service.

What our patients say

15. December, 2022.
Very pleasant environment great eye doctors and they use the latest equipment I was really impressed.
Fatima AlShaikh
Fatima AlShaikh
16. May, 2022.
Everyone from the front desk staff to the technicians and doctor were very attentive, nice and attended to all my concerns and questions.
Rohan Jadav
Rohan Jadav
25. February, 2022.
Today was my first visit and I couldn’t be happier. Staff is very friendly and Dr. Greene is the best in the business. With world class equipment this is the best place to visit if you don’t want to lose sight of your vision ;)
Tom Harrison
Tom Harrison
15. October, 2021.
If you would like to be treated like a mall visitor, by all means go to a national chain. You'll see just about average afterwards. If you would like to get personal service from the long-time owners of a local business. go see the brothers Greene in Watertown Square. You'll pay the same and see much better. I have been going to Greene & Greene for a decade or more and my eyes haven't improved at all! What the heck? Oh right, they just do glasses. What I can say is that I can see exactly what I need to, and for me that's not just a typical situation. I have "over 40 eyes" so can't see things that are close. Pretty typical, except I am a software engineer so stare at screens all days. I get especially aggravated when "the kids" use a 3-point font with light-gray foreground and darker-gray background. So I need killa specs -- that way the kids (who are like, easily in their mid forties or even younger!) don't know I am 60. I got lenses that are perfect for where I sit, and they have adjustments for glare, reflection (so I don't look like a serial killer on Zoom calls), anti-scratch and prisms or something like that for my odd prescription. These are in frames that even I have not figured out how to break yet, and that are as stylish as a 60-year-old software engineer can pull off (and no jokes about BluBlockers, please!!) And then I need really close glasses for iPhone and the like. I got some supah-cool wire frames that I can put in a soft case in my pocket (oh yeah, no hanging from my neck baloney for me). These frames are so bendy I can do all sorts of horrifying things and they still work great. Because I have these specs in my pocket nearly all the time, I can see in great detail almost all the time. If I had gone to Lens Crufters or Eye-o-matic, or one of those other mall places I never would have gotten these frames, that last forever (10 years on the bendy ones, and 3 on my second pair of the others, first ones I lost). Also I would probably have just accepted the first prescription. With Dr. Greene he asked me how they were and I said "not sure yet" and he instantly told me we should get the prescription right. And he figured out how I could avoid paying too much for amazing frames. And yeah, amazing frames are amazing because (if you don't lose them) they last forever. And that's why I am writing a review like this and not just "awesome glasses" or something. It's really great to have experienced, skilled doctors, but it's even better when they are the ones who know that many of us would jump at the chance to have actual humans, who treat us like actual humans. Crazy, right?


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